Keysight Technologies

RF/μW Field Solutions Engineer
May '21 - Current

My RF/μW Field Solutions Engineer Role

As a Solutions Engineer with Keysight I am often working with aerospace defense customers on building their test environments to support their company's mission. Often this requires an expert understanding of our instrumentation, intended implementation, and strategies to make them work together. An in-depth product knowledge and understanding of RF and millimeter wave fundamentals is required for the success of our customers, and ultimately, us. In this role I am learning electrical engineering fundamentals in a peer-lead forward-driven environment with leading engineers.

Once I am done with my first major project with Keysight Technologies, you'll find that here.

Raytheon Technologies

Systems Engineer Intern
Feb '20 - May '21

My Systems Engineer Role

With the title of 'Tech Student - Senior' at Raytheon Technologies, I have found most of my on-the-job experience can be better attributed to that of the industry-known Systems Engineer position. At Raytheon Technologies, I have never been the one to get coffee as an intern, but rather lead the development of one of our prime capital test benches. I have been actively involved in and leading the development of our ALR-69A test bench. While collaboration is absolutely part of my work environment, this project has been mostly a solo investment of my talent, provided assistance when needed. The purpose of this test bench is to offer an automated solution to test a full radar warning receiver system and divert the once manual processes, saving labor costs and preventing the inevitable human error. Throughout this ongoing process I have learned much about software be that using National Instrument's LabVIEW, Simon Tatham's PuTTy, or Wind River's VxWorks. Software has provided several challenges throughout the process with driver updates, firmware updates, and doing my best to interpret developer's code from before me. With the assistance of seasoned software engineers when needed, I have been very successful with launching this test bench in the desired way. Hardware provided some interesting roadblocks, albeit manageable roadblocks. As a computer science major with little prior knowledge in hardware, especially test equipment, most hardware involved was brand new to me. I started learning the basics, like what a Pulse Pattern Generator does, or how an Oscilloscope can visualize signals. I took that basic understanding and built a knowledge base of what each piece of test equipment intended to handle on the test bench, so I could implement the new hardware and its new drivers with outdated software. My largest obstacle in this project was getting a low-level, complete, architectural understanding of the bench and its functions so that I could properly configure and modify the necessary hardware and software to meet the end goal of the project. So far this project has exposed me to the following pieces of test equipment: AC Power Source, Attenuators, DC Power Sources, Lightwave Multimeters, Optical Power Sensors, Oscilloscopes, Pulse Pattern Generators, PSG Analog Signal Generators, Power Meters, Multifunction Switch Matrixes, Waveform Generators, and Universal Frequency Counters/Timers.

California State University Channel Islands

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)
Jan '21 - May '21

My ISA Role

As an ISA for Dr. Patsch's class, The Beach, I actively worked to assist and support student success by way of offering assignment support via office hours weekly. I was directly asked by Dr. Patsch if I had interest in this role after a very successful winter session in her class. Due to my tech savvy, helpful personality I am a perfect fit for this role, especially in a virtual environment. This class focuses on the impacts humans have on international beaches from a variety of lenses, and the important environmental impact that we make every day. While this is not my direct area of study, it is a very interesting subject to me, and I think a very important one for most of us! As you may see on my hobbies page, I spend a lot of time outdoors and I believe it is our responsibility to keep our earth healthy and make informed decisions in relation to our beautiful beaches. This is a picture I took off the side of Highway One.

Here is her recommendation, as can be seen on my LinkedIn, of my role: "Ben served as an Instructional Studen Assistant (ISA) for my Environmental Science and Resource Management Class: The Beach (ESRM 335) during the Spring of 2021 and was more than I could have hoped for. As a computer science major, Ben took my class for a general education requirement yet performed better than nearly all other students. I asked him specifically to apply to be an ISA for this class because of his critical thinking and communication skills, but he exceeded all my expectations with the additional skill sets he brought to the class. Ben was thoughtful, responsible, mature, and creative. He had excellent insight into how to make the class better and challenge the students in ways I hadn't thought of. His perspective proved invaluable and made the class so much better. Students (more than 220 in the class this last semester) appreciated his help and guidance and I appreciated his work ethic, thoughtfulness, initiative, and willingness to go above and beyond what I asked him to do. He truly made this class better, and I am sad to lose him. Ben is going to do great things in this world. I am happy to serve as a reference for him whenever needed- Highly Recommend!"

JRA Bikes & Brew

Salesperson / Barista
Oct '17 - Nov '20

My Salesperson Role

As a salesperson for JRA Bikes & Brew I served coffee beverages and pastries, helped on the sale floor selling bikes and other merchandise, and performed some bicycle repairs. Required exceptional customer service as this is a very interpersonal position. The customer clientele is very close and warm.

While working at JRA, I found my hobby and passion of mountain bike riding. For those curious I ride an all steel Niner Air 9 Hardtail!

UCLA Health (IT Department)

Administrative Summer Internship
Jun '18 - Aug '18

My Administrative Internship Role

I shadowed many different positions in the Information Services & Solutions (ISS) department during this summer internship. I learned about the hardware, software, and everything in between to support the powerhouse of UCLA Health's internet strategies.

Click here to learn about UCLA Health's internship program.

Regal Entertainment Group

Floor Staff
May '16 - May '18

My Floor Staff Role

As a Floor Staff, I rotated through various positions including concessionist, usher, ticket-taker, and box office. Regal offers a largem anagement team and an even larger floor staff team. Stations are expected to be clean and organized. Opportunity for lots of social scenarios with guests and co-workers while maintaining a friendly and efficient environment.