What I'm doing now

Currently, I am employed at Keysight Technologies as an RF/μW Field Solutions Engineer.

My work environment offers a plethora of knowlege and experience to my everyday work. I get to form new connections and dialogs with industry leaders while devloping deep connections with the products we create from hardware and software perspectives.

I spend much of my time working with our aerospace defence customers to build solutions with our products depending on their individual needs. I also build custom software solutions when needed in a variety of formats. Technical skills, creativity, product knowledge, and communication are requirements for my role.


I am a CSUCI alumnus

I graduated with a 3.49 GPA from California State University Channel Islands with a BS in Computer Science.

I was invited by a professor to be a part of the official International Collegiate Programming Contest(ICPC) in my senior year due to my excellence. There I represented CSUCI's computer science department in a challenging contest of programming against other colleges. If you're interested in the Computer Science (CS) program at CSUCI, view the official website below.


My involvement in my CSUCI campus community

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)

I was an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) for Dr. Patsch's The Beach class. After a strong A+ Winter session with her where I applied my skills and knowledge to excel in this class, Dr. Patsch was so impressed that she encourcaged me to apply for this position for the 2021 Spring semester. Visit my experience page to view her testimony about my time in her class. If you're interested, view her website below.


My Skills

Some might call me tech savvy.


I have used and understand many programming languages such as: Java, C, C++, Python, Kotlin, Assembly, LabVIEW, and HTML. In my professional careers I have used C, C++, and LabVIEW.


Collaboration is a skill I've come to love. Working closely with team members on a common goal is a passion. Collaborative projects introduce proven benefits to emploee morale and project end-results.


I have used a variety of Keysight hardware in my professional career including: Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Vector Signal Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, and many more!


I am a very self-motivated, driven person. I aim to improve and evolve my skills each and every day, and I beleive this shows in my work ethic. I spend much of my time improving be that in my professional career, hobbies, or my social connections.

Microsoft Suite

I have extensive work experience with much of the Microsoft Suite, including: Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. I also have extensive work experience with others, like the entire Google Suite, or Adobe Acrobat.


I am an energetic person that brings a leadership role to the table. I strive to maintain a deep understanding of projects and I have a mission bring the group to a successful end result.